Run With Me


"Kiki, a native Fin and immigrated Berliner, is an international DJ. He has been producing music for BPitch Control since the last three years. He is presenting his first album Run With Me following five EP's. It's full of strings vs. static sound, hard beats vs. harmonic aesthetic. We imagine it as if Kiki were some sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hide. He is thus pulling together his main influences for this first album. The track mentioned before is not only first on the album, but it also stands for a beginning. This is the sound Kiki had desired in the days of his school band. He listened to Kiss and loved the darker side of David Bowie. Today, the following text may help to dispel the apocalyptic title: '...end of the world as we know it.' This is to say that things change and Kiki regards this with ease and curiosity. It seems to be quite the natural position for him since he sings this line, like all the others, rather spontaneously into his recorder. Writing just doesn't do it: Kiki is well-schooled in the realm of hip hop, rapping, and DJing. He even utilizes an old drum-tape from the old days for a groovy track 'On the 140th day.' After many attempts, Kiki finally moved to Berlin some ten years ago only to find happiness. Here he heard a lot of Detroit and local Berlin sounds. His hook lines come from spacious echo frequencies and from mystical Morse code that the city of motors is known for. He appreciates off-kilter melodies and floating dub hi-hats just as much as violin strings made for film music. The throbbing beat and driving bass rarely go away. Run With Me is a call in the direction of the dance floor. There is a picture in Kiki's head in relation to this creative mix: the way wind and weather breeze by him strolling with his Walkman along the beach in Helsinki. Perhaps this is why the underlying melancholic sound pervade the basic vibe. It's for sure, however, that the over-arching vision coming from these diverse sources of inspiration unite under the title: Kiki's 'Big picture'."