"With their debut album on BPitch Control, Sylvie Marks and HAL9000 tell an audible tale: a tonal cross section of their life experiences, which is coupled again and again via the click of the bass to their reminiscences. Thus music was/is always the common thread of the Ariadne -- for both -- that through the labyrinth of life made expressiveness the chief premise. If Sylvie Marks surprised her piano teacher in former times with improvised playing, this is very much a characteristic, perhaps she is just compelled to do so: by her many years of experience with the structure and apparently unlimited possibilities in the field of electronic music (everything goes!), she exchanged the fixed limitations of improvisation freely compared with the status quo. In this sense one finds that in Sylvie Marks and HAL9000, this path is traversed all over again, which translates today as a variety of perspectives and a real 'being into it'. With their first album, they composed Krazeeee, which clearly suggests them to be like the original maxi of the same name. They enlighten the traces and origins of techno, which are distinct and thereby steer a sure instinct for the substantive beat. Both do not forget to present however the diagonally unusually picturesque gesture, which with each of the releases already provided on the 7" Label of the same name, HAL9000 makes for pure joy: a bit off-beat, slightly disturbing and the sideways swimming of sounds and pictures, these developments leave all control to a straightened-out bass line. Along with the already long list of past publications, the publication of Krazeeee on BPitch Control demonstrates, how very much Sylvie Marks and HAL9000 must have sharpened their musical vision over the years. With 'Baby take me a little bit higher' (BPC037),'We electric' (BPC051) and 'Bad women meets zen on the street' (BPC058) the two play about on BPitch Control. As well as on Ellen Alliens' 'Weiss Mix' (BPC047) the two already collaborated some time ago with 'Baby I'm Electric'. The fact that Sylvie Marks has a friendship of many years with Ellen Allien is to be suspected. Thus it is now time to burn -- and to let burn."