Boogy Bytes Vol. 05


This is the fifth installment in BPitch Control's Boogy Bytes series and it's the first CD not to feature a star from the label. Seth Troxler's top-drawer DJ, remixing and production skills, as well as his highly-praised releases on labels including the Ghostly International sub-label Spectral Sound, have helped him attract considerable interest and great bookings in his home city of Detroit and his current surroundings in Berlin. After the success of their night at the Berlin club Watergate, the paths of Ellen Allien and Seth Troxler crossed once again, and Seth was given the honor of making a Boogy Bytes CD. The track selection conveys a palpable deepness, occasionally harboring a touch of melancholy, yet never becoming overwhelming, for at its peaks -- which certainly include Seth's Fever Ray mix -- the tension is released in the most explosive and unbridled manner. Seth already considers certain tracks as classics. For him, Nicolas Jaar's "Time For Us" and the epic "Birds And Souls" are works with a great future. Not only are the individual remixes artfully arranged and intertwined, but single elements are also occasionally re-employed as material in a sound montage. Seth merges tracks into one another almost imperceptibly while constantly creating new angles in the way they overlap and retreat from one another. Other songs, on the other hand, follow one another abruptly and yet completely seamlessly. In the case of the dancefloor stormer "Stricher" by Roman Flügel, a complete section of the song is remolded as a transition between tracks. The 4/4 kick drum does not remain fundamentally in the foreground; in the funk-jazz-tinged pieces by Baeka and Dinky its presence is withdrawn, although the compulsion to dance is never lost. Seth Troxler pays homage both to his Detroit roots and to the minimal house style of his new home, and as a result, he moves his hallmark sound beyond the limits of 12" releases for the first time. Of course, the Boogy Bytes trademark wouldn't be complete without another edition of Axl Jansen's "Shaking Heads" photos as the cover design. Other artists include: Ryan Crosson, The Royal We, Dinky, Luciano, Mike Shannon, Craig Smith & The Revenge, Update, N/A, Rosina, Deniz Kurtel, Spektrum, Richie Hawtin, Alexi Delano, Jabberjaw, Heartthrob, Thrill Cosby, and Kiki.