The debut album from the Venezuelan Aérea Negrot is one of those records that speaks with such intensity that her deepest emotions are instantly laid bare to the listener. This heartfelt account in music and words relays her unique outlook and life story to the world without a hint of inhibition. Sometime in 2004, having passed through Caracas, Porto, The Hague and London, Aérea Negrot arrived in Berlin and sensed she had finally found the place she had been looking for ever since her childhood. Aérea first settled for a while in London, studied at the Centre of Contemporary Music and began producing her first songs. After moving to Berlin, she set her mind on gaining the attention of the public with avant-garde dance performances. She earned a living in her spare time as a sales assistant at a furniture store on Savignyplatz. She finally appeared on the musical radar in 2010 with the release of her first official EP All I Wanna Do on BPitch Control. But instead of continuing to concentrate on her solo career, she started making a name for herself as a singer and dancer with the band Hercules & Love Affair, based around the American producer Andy Butler. After recording the album Blue Songs with the band, she set off on a world tour. Now, following her recent second BPitch Control EP Right Body Wrong Time and a remix EP featuring re-interpretations from Hercules & Love Affair, Seth Troxler and Ricardo Villalobos (who was so captivated when he heard the song "Miss You" in Tobias Freund's studio that he produced two epic remixes the very next night) -- the moment has arrived for Arabxilla. The album is filled with extraordinary avant-pop songs leading a merry dance around the genres of techno, house and electronica. Adding to the musical language, Aérea Negrot tells stories of her adventure-filled gypsy life in a varied patchwork of German, English and Spanish. Her vocal style follows her mood, sometimes classical opera, sometimes a sassy spoken-word style, sometimes simply speaking as the words come to her. There is a constant spirit of experimentation, but the magic of the initial, visceral feeling never goes missing. It was this instantly-recognizable magic that also inspired Tobias Freund, co-producer of the album, the first time he heard the tracks. There is very little about the songs, all of which Aérea Negrot composed at home on her computer, that Tobias has changed. A new bass line here and there, a few fresh drum sounds and a little analog boost were all that was needed to complete this musical bag of tricks, which will find its place in music history somewhere alongside Klaus Nomi, Yma Sumac, Marika Papagika and Maria Callas.