Twice Around the Sun

CC 011CD CC 011CD

Racing between the tangible warmth of the past and the thrilling unknown of the future, Guillaume Coutu Dumont comes flying back to impart his time-spanning gospel for a third album of subversive house music. After he last graced us with the smoky hue of Breaking the Fourth Wall (CC 007CD), Guillaume returns in a state of evolution. From the earthy rattle of the natural percussion on "Last Call" to the sultry coo of the sax on "Constellation," this album is undoubtedly his, and yet there's a different kind of forward momentum at work here. It manifests itself in the primal beat and Eastern mysticism of the bass line in "Time Outta Joint," or the frantic swing and scatty keys of "Discotic Space Capsule." While the thump of the drums is a familiar trope for any lover of dance music, there are cosmic incantations being whispered in the synthesizers and sound effects. A strong force in this transcendental quality that permeates Twice Around the Sun is Guillaume's choice of collaborators. In particular, his co-conspirators in Guillaume Coutu Dumont & The Side Effects lend their band dynamic to three tracks on the album. You may recognize Dave Aju's soulful croon when it cuts through the mix, but then it's just as quickly shrouded in a vocoder. Likewise, Nicolas Boucher on keys, S├ębastien Arcand Tourigny on sax and Alexis Messier on guitar inject an otherworldly spirit into the heart of the kinetic machinations Elsewhere, you can hear the unmistakable seductions of dOP's Jo Illel aka JAW. Take the ever-rising tension of "Man, Woman and Soul," which finally bursts into a shower of starlit arpeggio and rave-ready bass, only to be met by the exuberant finale of "Solar Flare."