Oedipus Orca / La Orca / Una Spirale Di Nebbia


2011 release. Digitmovies pay tribute to the cinema of Eriprando Visconti with the CD release of scores from his most famous movies: La Orca and its sequel Oedipus Orca, and Una Spirale Di Nebbia. La Orca was shot in 1976 and it tells the story of the kidnapping of Alice, the daughter of a rich industrialist in Pavia, during the years of terrorism in the Italy of the late '70s in Italy. The movie is full of an unhealthy atmosphere and, with a strong scenario that underlines the natures of the two main characters and the reversal of the roles when the plot ends with a cold epilogue. Also in 1976, Visconti directed the sequel Oedipus Orca with the same protagonist. In this movie, the girl, strongly marked by the tragic experience of the kidnapping, comes back home, and she is resentful against her father who did not want to pay for the ransom. Again, a family of the upper middle class is the main protagonist of the Visconti movie Una Spirale Di Nebbia: During a hunt, the wife of a rich property owner is killed by a rifle shot fired off by her husband. During the investigations of the police to discover if it has been a murder or an accident, the relationships among the characters of the "killer's" family members are examined. This double-CD set in full stereo is possible thanks to Cinevox. On the first CD is the complete OST of Oedipus Orca by James Dashow: Besides the selected tracks for the original LP album, about 21 minutes of extra music have now been included. This OST keeps a constant balance between fascinating experimental electronic atmospheres, mixed with jazzy music with sax performance. Federico Monti Arduini's score for La Orca includes two romantic tracks for Moog synthesizer and orchestra performed by Il Guardiano del Faro which were issued as a single in 1976. Digitmovies have also discovered two additional unreleased tracks, one for piano and one for two harpsichords. On the second CD, Digitmovies present Ivan Vandor's complete OST for Una Spirale Di Nebbia (1977), a score where two main themes are alternated with each other in a rarefied atmosphere between romantic, classic, and noir. Besides the two tracks of the original 45rpm single, Digitmovies were able to use the complete master tapes of the recording sessions.