Il Figlio Di Cleopatra / Coriolano, Eroe Senza Patria


2012 release. Digitmovies, with collaboration of C.A.M. srl a division of Gruppo Sugar, release for the first time on CD two original soundtracks by Carlo Rustichelli from two 1964 movies: Il Figlio Di Cleopatra (aka "Son Of Cleopatra") and Coriolano, Eroe Senza Patria (aka "Thunder Of Battle"). Il Figlio Di Cleopatra was directed by Ferdinando Baldi and stars Mark Damon, Scilla Gabel, Arnoldo Foà, Corrado Annicelli, Franco Fantasia, Livio Lorenzon, Alberto Lupo, Paolo Gozlino, Attilio Severini, and Alberto Cevenini. El Kebir (Damon), a natural son of Caesar and Cleopatra, rebels to Petronius, the Roman governor placed in Egypt by the emperor Octavian. After gathering some tribes of nomads, kidnaps the governor's daughter, to win his cause, but Petronius doesn't yield. Octavian will fix things. Coriolano, Eroe Senza Patria was directed by Giorgio Ferroni and stars Gordon Scott, Alberto Lupo, Lilla Brignone, Aldo Bufi Landi, Nerio Bernardi, Peter Shepherd, Tullio Altamura, Pierre Cressoy, Nello Pazzafini, Philippe Hersent, and Rosalba Blacks. The legendary General Coriolanus (Scott), falsely accused and banished from Rome, leads a revolt against the Urbe so the truth will triumph. The OST of Il Figlio Di Cleopatra derives from the recording session, in full stereo master tapes kept until today in excellent condition. Carlo Rustichelli has written an epic main theme with Deguello style for trumpet and orchestra for the character of El Kebir. The plot is underscored by music of Eastern flavor and mysterious passages interspersed with martial music like a triumphant march and a rhythmic ostinato for a chase scene. The author has also written a delicate love theme. The OST of Coriolano, Eroe Senza Patria contained library music composed by Rustichelli for other movies like I Giganti Della Tessaglia (1960), but for this CD Digitmovies include only the original material especially written and recorded for this movie in mono: five very romantic themes, the love theme, and a heroic theme for the character of Coriolanus, a man unjustly accused of things he has not committed and who is seeking to recover his life. A proper rescue and preservation of Italian silver age.