New York Chiama Superdrago


2014 release. Digitmovies release for the first time on CD, Benedetto Ghiglia's original soundtrack for the movie New York Chiama Superdrago ("Secret Agent Super Dragon"). Benedetto Ghiglia has composed a rousing orchestral OST that alternates between mystery and suspense. The action scenes in the movie feature swing, blues, Latin, and jazz music. As the credits roll, the author had an ingenious idea: he incorporated the sound of a phone in the orchestra. Another highlight of the piece is the wild "Super Dragon Shake". This plays during the scene set at the bowling alley when Bryan Cooper glances at the young and beautiful Solvi Stubing, who is merrily dancing away near a Jukebox next to other young men and women. For this CD Digitmovies were able to access the mono master tapes from the original recording session where they discovered about 25 unedited minutes. Previously C.A.M had issued a 33rpm which featured twenty-one mono tracks. Directed in 1966 by Giorgio Ferroni New York Chiama Superdrago is about Super Dragon and his sidekick fighting against a criminal gang who try to gain control of the population by giving them a drug which causes them to lose their willpower. The "lupi neri" (black wolves) are a criminal gang led by Fernand Lamas. They are preparing a diabolical plan. American college students are forced to ingest "Syncon 2", a powerful drug that causes a loss of will, so the gang can then control the future American ruling class and their military leaders. The effects are so terrifying that Bryan Cooper, secret agent Super Dragon is called into action. After various adventures, Cooper discovers the band's emissaries and identifies their operational base in Amsterdam. In the city, Super Dragon and his sidekick Baby Face come under various attacks. However, they manage to survive with the help of equipment built by Baby Face during his imprisonment in Sing Sing. During a meeting of the gang leaders in Lama's palace, there is a discussion about a way they've found to spread the drug through liquid or gas form. Super Dragon is able to photograph the formula to the antidote. He ends up being discovered and engages in a dramatic final fight. Finally, he is able to eliminate his opponents and destroy the diabolical laboratory.