Quelli Della Calibro 38/L'ispettore Anticrimine


Digitmovies is releasing for the first time on CD Stelvio Cipriani's original soundtrack for the 1976 crime drama Colt 38 Special Squad (original title Quelli Della Calibro 38), combined with the re-release of the original soundtrack from the TV series L'ispettore Anticrimine. After forty years, the OST from Colt 38 Special Squad has been dug out and released on CD. Apart from the two songs with music by Stelvio Cipriani and lyrics by Hal Shaper, (performed by Grace Jones on the original single from Cinevox), not one single note from the score had ever been released because the master tapes had been lost for a long time. Thanks to M° Cipriani had a copy of the stereo master in good condition in his archives. The music of Cipriani alternates rhythmic passages, which play as background music to the ruthless search scenes, with a recurring romantic melody where Franco De Gemini's harmonica chimes in. In addition to the six minutes of the two songs on the single, Digitmovies recovered about seventeen more precious minutes of background music. L'ispettore Anticrimine sees police commissioner Vanni of Turin trying to catch Marseilles, the crime lord who killed his wife. Intensifying violence caused by criminals convinces the chief commissioner to form a special team of four motorcycle agents armed with unlicensed Colt 38 revolvers and headed up by Vanni. In 1993, Cinevox Records released a CD with twenty-one selections from L'ispettore Anticrimine in stereo. Stelvio Cipriani wrote a main score with a similar style to the previous films in the series The Police ..., but this time he also reprised pieces from the exciting sea battle in Tentacles. Action themes alternate with a serene love motif, with a theme for the inspector's mother ("Mother's Theme"), and with suspenseful atmospheres of soft and rare beauty. In order to fit everything on one CD, three tracks -- two repetitions of the main score and the "Crime" piece, a piece that was specially replayed by Tony Esposito after the original recording session.