Mechanic Side Of Nature Part 1 of 4


"With the first Circle Music compilation The World Of Circle, the label presented itself as a community of artists, as a family, that proclaimed continuous movement, pure power and brilliant soundscapes in various styles which have these three attributes in common. With the new Circle compilation Mechanic Side Of Nature, now released as compilation EP series, the dualism of nature and life is represented in the mechanic character of electronic music art. By that it is possible to give the issue of Circle Music the face of its music: reflecting life consequently with electronic music and digital sound poems in all its facets. On the first part, Valentino Kanzyani, Toni Rios, Stryke and Audio Injection present their tracks. A1. Valentino Kanzyani - 'Valkanizateur': the co-founder of Recycled Loops and label-head of Jesus Loved You created a very techy and dark dancefloor smasher with filtered synthesizer sounds squaring the listener with sharp sound design. The vocals come directly out of hell and the percussions wash every clear thought out of the brain. This track is a killer. A2. Toni Rios - 'Old Man's Chord':Toni Rios' track 'Old Man's Chord' convinces with deep and sensual vocals as well as with strong beats and nice synthesizer structures. There is no breathtaking while the track is not overloaded with effects or too many elements that would close the room for any possibility to move in it. The German techno legend shows one more time he has everything under control. B1. Stryke - 'Little Miracles': DJ Stryke, famous for his releases on labels like Monoid, Droid, Circle of course, Ovum or Strictly Hype since the early '90s, this man from Florida creates a sound army of robots that are in a very bad mood. Stomping everything down that stands in their way, they are reach far into the sky to grab every single star out of it. B2. Audio Injection - 'Droid Attack': Out of L.A., Audio Injection brings the next 'Droid Attack' to the dancefloor. Releasing on labels like Monoid, Droid Recordings, Stimulus or Tyrisia, David F. is home with every style of techno music one could imagine. His androids are the more computer-like beings. With weird ringing sounds of organic stuff changing into electronic, they show that the machines are coming."