Daniel Stefanik is one of THE techno and house newcomers of recent times. His carefree approach behind the decks are distinctive of a new generation of young, down-to-earth producers from Germany -- the result of the influence of Väth, Villalobos and Hawtin on one side, and solid but hedonistic house on the other. Whereas many producers nowadays have dedicated themselves to only one musical direction, the influence of Kerri Chandler, Chez Damier or Kevin Saunderson is clearly noticeable in Stefanik's music. His debut album Cocoon Recordings is a mirror of all these influences and yet it's so up-to-date and contemporary like only few other techno and house albums today. Entrance is the gate to Stefanik's club world, the door into the night and to the dancefloors of the hedonistic but nevertheless gloomy metropolises of this world. Entrance breathes influences from Detroit and Underground Resistance. "Light On" targets the beat and follows an almost East German approach -- house music as served by Marvin Dash or Dub Taylor: no hands-up attacks and no overproduced U.S. influences from New York, but slightly raw with an eye for the essentials."1996" is the next hint of Stefanik's influences and references. Dave Clark and Slam and also Jeff Mills and his early AXIS productions can be recognized here. The kicking 909, the demanding beat and the gloomy-like filters don't sound like Germany at all. On "Port Of Transition" breakbeat elements melt together with Detroit beats and arpeggios into a timeless mix -- a proper universal weapon for all the techno DJs of this world. "Distillery" is a short break, going back to more feeling and layers of sound, and back to more house beats. "Bend the Rules" leads the listener on his journey away from Leipzig and to Berlin, into its long Panoramabar nights and its hypnotic, almost trance-influenced dance marathons. "Dazed and Confused" is the soundtrack for a long walk home, when the club has extracted all your energy. "Keep On" puts a beer in your hand and the after-hour dancefloor in focus. The last track, "Confidence," represents the final chapter of a long night, the soundtrack to Berlin in the year 2012, full of Detroit and house classics, and full of quotes from almost 20 years of house and techno history.