Green & Blue - Tobi Neumann & Onur Özer In The Mix


The Cocoon label presents the second edition of the mix CD associated with the Green & Blue Open Air festival in Obertschausen near Frankfurt, Germany, mixed by veteran DJs Tobi Neumann and Onur Özer. Taking place every year on the first weekend in September, Cocoon-head Sven Väth and his crew transform the festival grounds into a dream of green meadows, blue water, lots of trees and light installations, laser shows, fireworks, and, above all, music from the best artists that the electronic music scene has to offer. In 2009, the two mixed CDs are manned by two DJs who are able to draw upon both long-time experience and innovation in sound: Tobi Neumann and Onur Özer. On these two CDs (each DJ is responsible for one mix), the two excellent turntable artists -- who, as a team are also known as Sensitiva -- give an outline of the most current and the hottest techno and tech-house tracks. They don't rely on big names and safe hits only, but also produce some real pearls out of their record case again and again. Besides names like Reboot, Matthias Kaden, Sascha Dive, Tolga Fidan and Daze Maxim, one can also find the young Romanian Dan Andrei, who presents his first international release on the Frankfurt imprint Be Chosen, after having released several records on Arpiar earlier. Also Cécille Records is represented with both well-established artists, such as Reboot, and promising new talents such as the young Italian Leon. Besides his brand-new track "Mare Maris," Onur Özer has also included jewels like Taron Trekka's "Radio Fligg," which has been praised by the German magazine de:bug as "funky, slamming, wide and perfect." In short: an extremely appropriate soundtrack for the party, reflecting the summery green and cerulean blue of this utopian, future-forward festival. Other artists include: John Daly, Cally, Precious System, Solomun & Jackmate, Shlomi Aber & Kenny Larkin, William Kouam Djoko, Samuel Davis, Nina Kraviz, Kenny Hawks & Louise Caver, Mirko Loko, Liovizna, Livio & Roby, Anonym, Super Flu, 95th North, Moodymanc, DJ Wild, and Caretaker.