Audible Approaches For A Better Place


C.sides asked ten diverse artists and bands to create exclusive new works, sharing one goal: to make a humble contribution toward making this world a better, more just and beautiful place simply by doing what they can do best: make art and create music, and to embark on a mission of re-exploring the notion of meaning and impact in and through music. C.sides provided only general guidelines to participating artists regarding the project's concept and an intended timeframe of 10-15 minutes for each piece, in order to allow the artists to develop an idea beyond the limitations of a "regular track." C.sides also encouraged artists to work with different musical means than they usually would. The compilation consists of studio versions of the works. The opening track features a first-time collaboration between German electronic producer Glitterbug and Israeli-Palestinian Arabic soprano opera singer Enas Massalha. "The Sky Fell Silent" was conceived and recorded during the early days of the "Arab Spring," a time of civil uprising and revolutionary demonstrations that triggered a personal investigation of transition and uncertainty, a free-falling of music and words into an unknown fate or future. Eliad Wagner, an Israeli musician, composer and programmer, takes an Arp 2600 on an arpeggio journey on "Exile," an analog downpour rolling and building playfully in tear-wrenching beauty. Christian Löffler's "Cast" weaves text, animation and sound into a delicate web of scattering emotion. Khan's track is a meditative work that builds over ten minutes and tells the story of the centuries old Turkish-Armenian cymbal makers, Zildjian. Documenting, filming and recording ventilation points, aerating tunnels and air conditioners, Gold Panda created a musical breathing machine, "Air." His elongated, faint exhale is embellished with sonic disturbances of glitches, cracks and clicks filled with the amiable charm of his digital errors. Brand Brauer Frick's track drops precise musical structures, toying with the borders between perfect control and total eruption. John Kameel Farah is a virtuosic keyboardist simultaneously using piano, synthesizer and computer sequencing, merging improvisation, Middle Eastern texture, baroque counterpoint and electro-acoustics. Jasmina Maschina created a participatory approach, providing musicians with four notes; E, G, A & B. The musicians could perform them in any variation, duration and register. Glitterbug's vocal edit of "The Sky Fell Silent" turns Enas Massalha into a self-replicating choir and Efterklang's Casper Clausen joined Mads Brauer and filmmaker Karim Ghahwagi to create a new collaborative audio-visual work.