Dogmatic Sequences -- The Series 1994-2006

DB 142CD DB 142CD

This is a definitive collection of all Dogmatic Sequences releases by Viennese producer legend Patrick Pulsinger. Patrick Pulsinger was born in the Communist GDR, but went into exile in Austria in his early childhood. In 1992, he moved to New York to escape the Austrian military draft where he recorded his debut. After returning to Austria in 1993, he founded the legendary record label, Cheap. Twelve years after the release of the Dogmatic Sequences Volume I EP and its trailblazing follow-up, Pulsinger completed his series with 2006's Dogmatic Sequences Volume III for Disko B. Dogmatic Sequences -- The Series 1994-2006 carries on the true thought of modernism and future music: timeless abstraction of 4-to-the floor compared with slow-motion high-tek-jazz. Patrick Pulsinger is also known as a forward-thinking producer for labels like Disko B, Mowax, K7, Gigolo and others, as global-player DJ, perfectionist, studio wizard (recently recording with Mark Stewart, Patrick Wolf and Chicks On Speed) and remixer for the likes of The Pet Shop Boys and DJ Hell. Pulsinger easily references early '90s techno and acid with a futuristic jazz approach. This is a dynamic collection, and it comes with an exclusive, spacey, ass-kicking "Flashback Intro." For everyone out there who never had a chance to buy them as colored, sparkled or clear vinyl -- for those who never cared much about turntables -- for fans, for groupies, for techno-lovers and all club-animals from yesterday to tomorrow -- this is the ultimate Dogmatic Sequences collection, a treasury of fine techno music on one CD.