Deep Love 10


Dirt Crew celebrates their 10th anniversary in 2014. To accompany this great event, the label releases this special anniversary compilation called Deep Love 10 that features even more exciting new faces to the Dirt Crew family. Rather than looking back at all those great releases and artists they worked with in past years, they chose a slightly different approach and bring you a CD packed with mainly new artists. Only their most consistent artist Tigerskin and Japanese house-head Yosa are familiar faces here. The smooth, rolling intro track is by the mysterious Chicago-based Edit Murphy who is a personal fave of the label with his deep disco-infused house. Following is Irish newcomer Fion, who takes it in a spacey and deep direction for a great bouncy and funky track. The third track is by Yosa with a true Yosa banger with great vocal cut-ups and a high energy house/disco feel. Leeds-based Death On The Balcony deliver the next track, slowing things down a bit, taking the CD in a more laid-back and moody direction. Newcomer Timothy Blake has only done one release before and has a very fresh Italo disco approach to his house sound. Much like old Kerrier District stuff, this joint is funky as hell. The next track is by St. Petersburg-based producer Kito Jempere, who combines an eclectic mix of disco, electro and house. London-based Matt Masters drops a slow analog burner that pans between electro and techno and takes the CD towards darker spheres just to be followed by the breaking track of the compilation, the beautiful and jazzy "Baby's Smile" from the very talented Manchester-based producer Hidden Spheres. Tigerskin takes on track 9 with one of his powerful dancefloor bombs -- the cool off-beat and stabby bass of this track catches you from the start. The next track is by St. Petersburg's Ponty Mython, showing that the Russian house scene is more vibrant than ever and that there is much more to discover from this part of the world. From Lithuania is the next new face with a storming track, Zoe Zoe, who were featured on Maya Jane Coles' DJ-Kicks compilation. The closing track is by Schmutz from Belfast. With their incredibly tight techno and electro-influenced "Who Knows," they present a refreshing mix of Detroit house vs. classic '90s UK techno. Housed in special packaging in a profilepack, printed cardboard with CD slot on the inside.