Worth The Weight - Bristol Dubstep Classics


The Punch Drunk label releases a 2CD compilation of Bristol dubstep classics. "I knew straight away that this was a sound that would fit perfectly in Bristol -- there is a lot of tension in the music that carries a satisfactory darkness with it, but it's also lazy music. You don't have to dance hard to move with it -- it was born with a reefer in its gob!" "So said Pinch when I interviewed him in February 2005. Having witnessed the early DMZ and FWD>> raves that spawned this new sound we now refer to as dubstep, and having gradually begun integrating it into the fabric of Bristol's existing club scene, this young DJ's instincts were proving correct. The following month I attended one of his Context nights -- a dub session by Loefah and Skream, on one of their earliest forays outside the Capital -- and experienced for myself the sheer physical impact of dubstep at soundsystem volume. But even that was just a hint of what was to come. In April, Subloaded II sent a subsonic shockwave through the city, as Bristol shuddered under the weight of DMZ's bass meditations. Those who survived the onslaught were changed forever, and Bristol's destiny as dubstep's second city became assured. May 2005 saw the debut release on Pinch's Tectonic imprint, which was the first of many new dubstep labels to emerge from the city. Being so much smaller than London, Bristol's new generation of bedroom DJs and producers mingled freely in a close-knit community centered around the Rooted Records shop and the new club spaces which sprang up over the following months to cater to this rapidly expanding scene. Beats and ideas were eagerly exchanged on freshly-burned CD-Rs in a period of unprecedented communal activity and cooperation, which would ultimately draw in and re-energize many of the city's older generation of bass-explorers. Indeed, Bristol's historical association with bass-oriented music was a crucial factor in the formation of a distinct and cohesive sound that triggered a feedback-loop of influence back to both London and the world beyond. Almost inevitably, the Bristol micro-scene outgrew its grassroots, as producer-DJs like Headhunter, Appleblim, Joker, RSD, Pinch and Peverelist soon found themselves playing venues all over the planet. Once again, the "Bristol Sound" had become an international phenomenon." --Gutterbreakz, November 2010; Includes a photo booklet and sleeve notes from underground music blogger, Gutterbreakz. Other artists include: Gatekeeper, Forsaken, Komonazmuk, Smith & Mighty, ATKI2 & Dub Boy, Guido, Hyetal & Shortstuff, Jakes, Wedge & Shadz, Gemmy, and Dubkasm.