Nu School of Planet Dub

EB 105CD EB 105CD

Lee "Scratch" Perry -- file under -- The Legend! Robo Bass HiFi -- file under -- Bass! Dubblestandart -- the Viennese/European coffee house version of Dub Syndicate! Robo Bass HiFi lives and breathes a tight combination of jungle, dub, dubstep -- space and irregular pop. His current electro-reggae drenched in bass music is mighty in all its facets and incessantly feeds the mind of the universe. From roots and dub to dubstep/drumstep through to future jungle, UK-digital and drum'n'bass, Robo Bass Hifi loves tinkering with sounds and rhythms to create something that not everyone can handle, but which folks on the Echo Beach love more than anything else: BAAASSS. His debut 16 Bit Skanks on Select Cuts was received by the local press with reviews that ranged from enthusiastic to tepid to non-existent. Robo Bass Hifi stringently sticks to his path. After submitting remixes to the three musketeers of German pop (Seeed, Fettes Brot, Jan Delay), all of which were rejected (the murmured rejections from the musketeers ranged from dulcet tones to absolute silence!) he now leads the reggae legend Lee "Scratch" Perry into a dark room and has shaken things up. David Lynch and Ari Up bring a breath of Jean Michel Jarre pop and captivate the master of the deep, thick bass. Previously, Dubblestandart recorded the originals on Return from Planet Dub with Master Lee Perry and now Robo Bass Hifi has taken them to a deeper level! Lee "Scratch" Perry: No real need to introduce this legend of reggae and dub. With this exceptionally fine release, Echo Beach welcomes the late summer with the warm throb of a deep bass.