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Mexican vocalist Lengualerta, the voice of protest cumbia dub, presents Aurora. Lengualerta has been on the scene and traveling the world since the mid-2000s. In addition to numerous concerts in his native country, he has performed live in South America, Canada, and Europe, and left a lasting impression wherever he appeared. Following the 2014 mass kidnapping of 43 students in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico, and the subsequent political and public security scandal, "For Those (feat. Wally Warning & Ana Sol)" became something of a hymn for the nationwide protests that ensued. The song's impact was further enhanced by the touching and atmospheric video, directed by the artist's friend and colleague, Gran OM, who also designed the excellent cover art for Aurora. Lengualerta's music unites reggae with the culture of Latin American protest songs. Latin American influences, including cumbia, repeatedly surface in his music. This broad spectrum underscores Lengualerta's position as a cosmopolitan and a visionary. His choice of riddims also spans the world; in addition to his main producer, Dukas (Bungalo Dub), the album also features production by Ganjaman, Ingo Rheinbay aka Pow Pow, Twilight Circus, and Seeed. The situation in Mexico is desperate. For many years, drug cartels have battled each other and government forces for supremacy. Murders, rapes, kidnappings, and assassinations take place on a daily basis, the visible signs of this all-encompassing brutality. Against this background, it is encouraging that many people are prepared to risk their lives by taking a stance against violence, and particularly against the corruption that has infiltrated every level of the public services, as many officials are in collusion with the cartels. A strong counter movement has also emerged in the art scene. Alongside other artists, Lengualerta frequently appears in the front line of these protests. He pinpoints what is wrong in society, and is not afraid to tackle the painful issue of what is rotten in the state. Eloquent, outspoken, and effective, he voices his protest and passion in tight, clean, and moving sounds. Featured performers include TianoBless & Natty Bwoy, Fermin Muguruza, Wally Warning & Ana Sol, Monk.E, Andrea Echeverri, Sista Eyeire & Van-T, Di, Sista Freedom, Olinka, Cuyo, Issa Elle, and Rebeleon Sound Crew. This edition includes four bonus tracks from the critically acclaimed predecessor to Aurora, Resonante (2010).