10 Years Eastblok Music


At the beginning of the millennium, party sounds from Eastern and Southeastern Europe began to conquer the metropolises of the world. In Berlin, the Russendisko and Balkanbeats parties were becoming the talk of the town. The only missing piece was the soundtrack to take home from these parties -- so two friends decided to set up the Eastblok Music label. The label's first release was 2005's Ukraina Orange: Songs of the Orange Revolution compilation. Next was Café Sputnik: Electronic Exotica from Russia (EBM 004CD, 2005), which turned out to be a long-term seller and is still considered one of the label's most original compilations. The time was ripe for BalkanBeats. For four compilations (including EBM 003CD (2005), EBM 007CD (2006), EBM 011CD (2008)), Eastblok accompanied DJ Robert Soko's successful party series of the same name on vinyl and CD. The music world started to recognize the label, and in 2006, Eastblok was one of the Top Label Award winners at the World Music Expo. The label's first band album was by Hungarians Little Cow, and several other bands followed including Shukar Collective from Romania, folk rockers Haydamaky from Ukraine, La Minor and Markscheider Kunst from Russia, Shazalakazoo from Serbia, Italians Figli di Madre Ignota (who have more Balkan in their blood than most Croats), the politically explicit Lyapis Trubetskoy from Belarus, and the German-Russian band Skazka Orchestra from Berlin. Most successful, however, are the label's concept compilations. After BalkanBeats there came Balkan Grooves (EBM 016CD, 2010), Polska Rootz (EBM 015CD, 2009), Swing Diskoteka (2011), and Lunapark (EBM 023CD, 2012). For those who have neither the nerve nor time to dig the music of a whole country, Eastblok provides a nice way to start. This double CD presents an overview of the label's 26 releases from 2005 to 2015. Disc one is a sort of best-of collection of the label's first ten years. Disc two features exclusive tracks and remixes from label artists and their side projects. Includes tracks by Musika Dika, Colindat, Messer Chups, Little Cow, Shukar Collective, Haydamaky, Slavic Soul Party!, Watcha Clan, Figli di Madre Ignota, La Minor, Psio Crew, [dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa, Kiril, Markscheider Kunst, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Parov Stelar, Shazalakazoo, Megapolis, Skazka Orchestra (including a remix by KommodoreK), Kozak System, Intim Torna Illegál, Mov.Sessian Project, St.Petersburg Ska Jazz Review, Tresmuchachos & Companeros, Brutto, and Di Meschugeles.