Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock!!!

ESK 502168 ESK 502168

Eskimo delivers a fantastic follow-up to last year's highly acclaimed Prins Thomas mix, Cosmo Galactic Prism. This mix journeys from the public dancehall to the disco, from the smooch to the shake, from the orchestra to the DJ. Daniele Baldelli remains one of the first Italian DJs, who started his illustrious career back in the '60s and became one of Italo-disco's kings of the dancefloor. Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock!!! celebrates a turntable odyssey from a man who lived and breathed Italian disco, American Rn'B and synth pop and pioneered the sound which has influenced countless DJs and producers who currently mine the golden age of synth pop for inspiration. A mixture of European records alongside American soul records, rhythm and blues and funk combined with Afro style against Ravel, Steve Reich, Jorge Ben, Depeche Mode and Malinke chants from New Guinea, Baldelli is the inventor of the "Dee Jay concert." Consisting of four turntables, two mixers and electronic drums or live percussion, 80 to 100 tracks were mixed in not much more than half an hour: a supermegamix was born. Featuring rare and hard-to-find tracks, Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock!!! takes on a dancefloor mission to the shores of Lake Garda where from 1979-1984 "cosmic" was THE place to be and Daniele Baldelli was the disco king at its epicenter. Edited by Marco Dionigi. Featuring artists such as Fra Lippo Lippi, Richard Bone, The Romantics, Kevin Harrison, Translator, Martha And The Muffins, The Dream Syndicate, Thompson Twins, Positive Noise, David Jackson, La Bionda, Torch Song, Ray Parker Junior, Strafe Für Rebellion, Spirit, Spider, Bronx Irish Catholics, and Alicia Bridges.