Brazilian Bass: Inner City Tropical Soundblast


2014 release. Far Out Recordings presents Brazilian Bass, featuring 17 tracks of this new wave of Brazilian music, which resonates the heavy bass and musical inventiveness of the root sounds of Bahia, Recife and Rio de Janeiro. For some time now, Far Out Recordings have been really excited to present the heavy low-end of places like Bahia, Pernambuco and Sao Paulo and the cultural force behind it. This is a blending of a myriad of different musical styles - reggae, hip-hop, dub, soul, electronica and Afro-beat, all filtered through Brazilian melodies, rhythms and instruments to create something totally unique. Bass culture is essentially from London, it's in its DNA. Reggae, brought over with the Jamaican diaspora who migrated to the UK from the 1950s onward, presented a clarion call to all those Jamaicans who found themselves living in a system which did not care for them or their culture. By the 1970s, reggae's message of unity and rebellion resonated with a wider audience as the music challenged racism and generated new visions of culture and identity in the city. Decades ago it filtered through punk, rock and pop and became an emblematic London soundtrack. Today reggae music's ability to evolve and influence other genres is stronger than ever and London is home to the next generation of bass culture sounds, with new forms like dubstep, grime and bass music. Far Out Recordings presents Brazilian Bass which runs the breadth of what the genre has to offer, from the soulful dub rhythms of Anelis Assumpção, through to the reggae/samba grooves of Banda Escola Pública, and on to the music of Afroelectro, whose name perfectly encapsulates their style. Start with this diverse list of bands, and you're still only scratching the surface of Brazilian Bass' sound. Opening the works on Brazilian Bass is Mental Abstrato & DJ Tahira, representing the bossa beats, the pure essence of jazz and classical as well as rarities of Brazilian music. Following up is the keyboards and synth magician, Astronauta Pinguim with "Ghosts Inside Your House". Also features: Soraia Drummond, Nsista, 3Adub, Pitshu, Sistema Criolina, Os Nelsons, Junior Dread, Black Alien, Nathy Faria, Aton Dub, 7 Estrelo, O Quadro, Mangaio, Bemba Trio and A Banda De Joseph Tourton.