The Return

FD 094CD FD 094CD

Following the 2014 release of Kleistwahr's album This World Is Not My Home (FD 091CD), Fourth Dimension Records presents a remastered reissue of The Return, originally released as a limited-edition LP by Noiseville in 2009 and long out of print. Gary Mundy (Ramleh, Breathless, Broken Flag founder, etc.) never felt completely satisfied with the Noiseville release, so he digitally remastered the album for this edition, which also includes two previously unreleased bonus cuts. This release captures Mundy's original intention to render the music at once powerful and dynamic in a setting where volume is a significant part of the sound. As with Mundy's long-running group Ramleh, the music of Kleistwahr stems from a place both angry and anguished. Underpinned by a huge sense of existential despair, a sense of urgency and frustration likewise screams from this music. Long known for his part, along with Whitehouse and Consumer Electronics, in creating a music subsequently known as "power electronics," itself copied by hundreds of groups to lesser effect or seen as a wellspring of inspiration by countless others often removed from this form, Mundy's own forays have always ventured far beyond such convenient trappings. Kleistwahr, his solo enterprise, testifies to this exploration and, more importantly, to Mundy's place as a progressive and highly accomplished visionary artist deserving of far more than his status as merely a cult concern. The Return witnesses electronic music once more teased and reshaped into something highly original by one of the genre's master craftsmen. Listen to it as loud as your ears can take. Packaged in gatefold Broken Flag-style sleeve.