A Little Part of Shade

GR 105CD GR 105CD

Swiss producer Ripperton returns to present his second full-length album A Little Part of Shade, seeing his return to Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal's Amsterdam-based Green label. A Little Part of Shade uses sympathetic touches of club synthetics to underline fluidly written and playful melodies. Ripperton gained popularity as a producer with his Lazy Fat People project, releasing on high profile labels such as Border Community, Planet E, and Wagon Repair; he rapidly grew as a solo artist with an almost endless run of key releases on Green, Liebe Detail, Connaisseur, Music Man, Systematic, Dessous, and remixes for Radiohead, Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien, and Beanfield, and Max Cooper labeled him as a refined studio producer, adding a newfound sense of introspection to electronic house music. Since the release of Niwa (GR 102CD/LP) in 2010, Ripperton has been busy working on this album -- combining traditional song-craft with a more familiar rhythmic style. A Little Part of Shade's multiple programmed rhythms loosely mimic a more natural world and sees him work alongside a variety of artists including Hemlock Smith, the multi-talented writer and photographer Van Hai, and Germain Umdenstock, who features on "A Little Part of Shade," providing guitar melodies over his carefully-constructed landscapes. Drawing on the collaborative talents from his own highly-respected independent Perspectiv label, Ripperton's track "Black Wall" features vocals by Masaya and succeeds in demanding attentive listening. A Little Part of Shade conjoins emotional forces with Ripperton's fascinating use of soundscapes and contains smooth instrumentation throughout before closing with the achingly soulful "Spike," featuring Hemlock Smith's tender vocals. The 13 musically broad and emotionally deep tracks that are included on this album reflect Ripperton's approach to electronic music production, songwriting attitude, and the sense of poignant delivery that extends far beyond the purview of techno clubs.