You Can't Always Listen To Hausmusik - But...

HM 074CD HM 074CD

Hausmusik turns 15 years-old and the label needed a compilation to celebrate it. However, this is no normal label compilation: this release brings together the medium of music, comic-art and poetry into a holistic, collaborative expression of everything Hausmusik cares about. Fourteen writers paired up together and wrote seven stories, trading back and forth, exquisite-corpse style. The writers include: Thomas Palzer, Franz Dobler, Katja Huber, Harald, Staun, Didi Neidhart, Julian Weber, Sebastian Dietrich, Rev. Christian Dabeler, Almut Klotz, Roderich Fabian, Nora Scholz, Annemone Fesl and Martin Steinmüller. Every story starts with the same sentence "Man kann nicht immer nur - hören" ("you can't always listen to...") and continues on from there. Every story is unpredictable and completely different in style and mood. The comic artists include: Martin Dessecker, Doris Lasch, Ursula Ponn, Nadine Spengler, Martin Tom Dieck, Atak, CX Huth, Dominik Binegger, Melissa Gates, Helge Reumann, Xavier Robel, Marion Gerth and Silke Heinrich, and they also worked with this first sentence. The musicians worked in pairs, with one starting a track and the other finalizing it. This has nothing to do with remixing or working together in a studio, as the first act gives something raw and unfinished to another, with the second act taking over the song and all responsibility for it. So the files were sent all over the globe and at the end of the day, the results culminated in glorious art-collaboration. In each of the tracks you can find the trademark sounds of each artist, augmented in the second half by surprises and embellishments. Sixteen exclusive tracks from artists such as: Deaf Center, Carlo Fashion, Calexico, Notwist, Broken Radio, A Million Mercies, Sodastream, Ms John Soda, Console, Loopspool, Couch, Squares On Both Sides, Iso 68, Fonoda, Fred Is Dead, Jersey, Ted Milton and Village of Savoonga.