Black Ships

IV 003CD IV 003CD

This is the debut full-length release by Tokyo Black Star. Black Ships is led by a team of production warriors: world-traveling French DJ Alex From Tokyo is based between Tokyo and New York, armed with his high-grade receptor antennae, and his partner, Isao Kumano, operates from his studio-base in Tokyo as a multi-talented, high-profile engineer and sound producer specializing in all musical aspects from mixing to mastering. As Tokyo Black Star, their ship has advanced through the galaxy, meeting fellow travellers along the way. Their encounter with Dixon influenced the start of his label Innervisions, their love of art led them to NYC-based, rising Japanese new generation painter Tomokazu Matsuyama, who produced this album's beautiful artwork, and their need for the word cast the voice of poet Rich Medina as album storyteller, lending his distinctive, deep voice to one of the characters in this story. Black Ships is not only Tokyo Black Star's nonfiction travel diary, it is also the supreme tale of traveling through the world of imagination -- an ultimate, brilliantly-executed electronic dance music novel within the modern, club-oriented electronic dance music genre. This is neat, ultra-modern slickness that encompasses electro-beat, tribal rhythms, jazz squawks, nervous disco, and so much more. The journey of the imagination begins with the exalted feeling of departure, sometimes steady, but also sometimes facing navigation trouble. There are climaxes, denouements, and voyages within voyages. This is the sound of distant ports, of pirates surfing waves of static, and space stations humming along on some far away galaxy.