Innervisions Presents: Muting The Noise

IV 002CD IV 002CD

Innervisions releases its first CD -- a compilation of exclusively commissioned and beautiful music inspired by the sound of silence. On a trip to Japan, the label's founders came up with an idea for an ambient project that evokes the Tokyo streets -- lots of cars, lots of people, yet a calm stillness and a quiet that can only come from the inner impulse to mute the noise. Muting The Noise is also inspired by The Pearl from ambient originator, Brian Eno and by the work of avant-garde minimalist, Harold Budd. In the beginning of the 1990s, it was quite normal to have an ambient floor at an average techno house party. This culture got lost in the new millennium and became simply a quaint memory. Eschewing their regular 12" dancefloor-pointed direction, Innervisions label-heads Âme and Dixon gathered friends and artists to contribute to this project, such as Japan-based Tokyo Black Star, Koss, and Terre Thaemlitz, as well as German electronic composer and pioneer Klaus Schulze. Muting The Noise is hopefully only the first in an Innervisions series that will usher in the ambient revival, quietly. Other artists include: Mark Pritchard & David Brinkworth, Karma, Henrik Schwarz, I:Cube, and Stefan Goldmann. Housed in a high-quality debossed linen 60-page softbound book containing nothing at all. Perhaps so you can take notes on the nothingness? As the label-heads describe in XLR8R: "... we muted all the noise! In addition, we successfully managed to hide the CD and make it as hard as possible for people to get it out. You should see the faces of the people who open that package!"