Kalk Seeds: A Karaoke Kalk Compilation

KK 030CD KK 030CD

From the Cologne school of minimal techno and electro-acoustical elements comes a compilation of the Kalk label's most inspired and quintessential artists. Kalk Seeds documents the spreading of the Kalk herb, particularly in Japan and in Germany. Sixteen tracks, (most of which have never been released) and one video-clip display the open and yet so specific profile of the (now Berlin) label that has been continuously releasing for eight years and running. Karaoke Kalk assembles music that is not happening anywhere else -- always docked on the here and now, exposing the most diverse sound-worlds, recently even those far from the electronic realms. Kalk Seeds starts off with Roman's elegantly formulated pop -- a fascinating preview of his second album. Listen to Hauschka's lyrical miniature on a manipulated piano, followed by Le Rok's odd beats and gentle harmonies, as well as Takagi Masakatsu's amazing song-excursions in Japanese melancholy, full of dramatic and beguiling fragility. In addition, you'll find Kalk classics like Donna Regina and März, whose music is as characteristic of the label as is that of the old heroes in new sounds like Sora/Garland and Kandis. From techno-structures, Beach Boys-harmonies, abstract electronics, minimal music or pop-experiments, Kalk Seeds lives in a special kind of energetic space in between artists like Pascal Schäfer and his rhythm constructions just as well as in Takeo Toyama's moving composition "Der Meteor." Other artists included feature Hausmeister, Toog, Pascal Schäfer, Kuchen, Mapstation, Leichtmetall, Kan Daisuke, and Poto&Cabengo. Some call it avant-pop, others ''Les Disques Du Crépuscule," Karaoke Kalk is the antithesis of Gemütlichkeit and genre-boredom -- it's growing and thriving.