The Author And The Narrator

KK 062LP KK 062LP

LP version. Channel In Channel Out is the musical project of Portland, Oregon's Marcus Cotten and The Author And The Narrator marks his debut release on Karaoke Kalk. Channel In Channel Out fuses so many styles that it really is hard to know just what is going on between the input and the output that is this artist's creative process. His art is like some alchemical spell, fusing genres as diverse as good old fashioned singer-songwriting with moments of experimental electronica. At times, Channel In Channel Out's music verges on the psychedelic, but no matter how far-out the compositions become, they remain songs at heart. The songwriting has something of the throw-away, sketch-like approach of Guided By Voices, but there is clearly a profound message concealed within each of these songs, and although one might have to delve deep through many layers of figurative disguise to work it out, this is part of the enjoyment: much more than mere songs, the tracks are like a kind of emotional riddle. While the tunes generally defy comparison, Cotten's voice has a somewhat familiar quality to it. Then out of nowhere, there are moments of loopy, ambient bliss that quickly give way to almost bluesy acoustic guitar riffs, ending in an analog bubble-bath that could easily have been recorded by Delia Derbyshire or Raymond Scott. The Author And The Narrator is constantly full of surprises. One really never quite knows what to expect, other than a thoroughly delightful album and enjoyable listening experience. Includes free download voucher for the whole album.