Dis Cover - Donna Regina as Recorded By

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"Avec le temps" appeared in 1990, and since then Donna Regina (Günther and Regina Janssen) have moved with the times, as musicians and as a married couple. As of this release they have written and recorded 12 albums' worth of material. House music in the literal sense of the word, as their music has almost always taken shape at their home -- at first in Cologne, and later also in Berlin. They've done their thing for decades without ever following any trends or succumbing to hype. But their music has always sounded fresh, with the times, and recognizable. This has much to do with Regina Janssen's breathy voice and Günther Janssen's light hand and his sense for the beauty of melodies. But there's something else to it. In 2007, De:Bug magazine wrote "In this music lies sovereignty, experience, truth and yes, even such important things as defiance and pride." The same could have been said in 1990, and it has held true since as well. Donna Regina's music has traveled all around the world, to Poland, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, and Japan. They headed out and unpacked their music wherever they were, as a gift or a sign of friendship. The tributes here come from friends old and new, from longtime companions and partners in spirit. And what they have found in Donna Regina's music and what they have done with it is a gift for every listener. Includes versions by Dean & Britta, The National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Schlammpeitziger, Chica and the Folder, Leichtmetall, Console, Il Tempo Gigante, Astrobal and Tom Terrien featuring Nina Savary, Dani Siciliano, Bertrand Burgalat, Mouse on Mars, Miłka, and Thomas Fehlmann featuring Gudrun Gut.