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Despite the project's name, Post Industrial Boys is basically one man, George Dzodzuashvili aka Gogi. He's a musician from Tbilisi, Georgia, and is part of the Goslab artist collective together with TBA/Natalie Beridze and many more. With Unintended, Post Industrial Boys return for the first time since 2006's Trauma (MAXE 012CD), the second of two albums on Thomas Brinkmann's Max Ernst label. Unintended is an intimate and reflective collection of songs produced in a unique style -- part pop, part electronica. The album opens with "Strange," and there is without question a strangeness to the Post Industrial Boys sound throughout the album. But it's a strangeness that soon becomes as familiar as an old friend with repeated listens. A title like "It's Me" makes it clear that the album is a very personal statement from Gogi. Most of the songs on the album were inspired by lyrics written by Gogi's wife from 2007 to 2013, making the album almost a kind of a family diary. The only song with Georgian lyrics is "Naked," which takes its words from the 19th-century Georgian poet Vazha-Pshavela and features the actress and singer Mzia Arabuli, who comes from the mountain region and sings in the style of Georgian folk songs. "Passenger" is a tale of transit and travel; its intense use of repetitive melodies and vocoders conjures images of the monotony of everyday commuting. Other songs like "Through," "Sometimes," and "Raindrops" make clever use of an ambient backdrop that creates a trance-like mood while abstract melodies, beats, and lyrics subtly crisscross the audio field. Sinister melodies envelop "Directions," creating a mysterious atmosphere. The album closes with its title-track, a sweet little ballad of gently strummed acoustic guitar and lilting piano melodies. Unintended is a perfect album for anyone into emotionally charged, inspiring left-field electronic pop, fusing the accessibility of pop melodies, lyrics, and structures with obscure and challenging sound design. In addition to their precisely crafted production, the songs on Unintended are characterized by the quaintly monotone delivery of George Dzodzuashvili's vocal performance -- all the more expressive for the fact that many words are half-spoken rather than sung. The lyrics are pensive, with a marvelous daydreamy quality, while at the same time still rooted in everyday experience. It doesn't take long for the Post Industrial Boys sound to seep into your soul, and when it does you will cherish the songs on Unintended forever.