Crystallized - Celebrating 15 Years of Rocket Recordings


For the uninitiated, the Bristol/London-based Rocket Recordings has been releasing psych-infused outsider music since its inception in 1998. Crystallized is a double LP of exclusive music from an eclectic mix of bands. Some are well-established Rocket bands, some are good friends of Rocket and some of the bands you may not have heard yet. The compilation opens with the analog drones from Rocket's Teeth Of The Sea, who drop their trademark sound for an exploration in controlled noise. Following this perfect first track, we have the aggro beat of Blood Sport, that to our ears sound like This Heat meets Blurt meets Hookworms. London's Vision Fortune deliver a stunning but very different take on their repetitive drone-pop. Side B starts with a looped, industrial psych track from Salford's kosmiche ravers, Gnod. Following them is a track of high-octane motorik from the relatively unknown Swedish band, Uran. Staying in Sweden, we have the mighty Hills. They deliver a perfect slice of fuzz-driven, commune psych rock. Side B finishes with a track that was meant to come out as a Rocket 7" back in 2001. Rollbars was a short-lived project by Bristolian Latch Manghat that also featured the odd "Head" or two. The mighty $hit & $hine dominates side C with an uncompromising track that sounds like The Necks covered by the Buttholes. Then friend and collaborator of Rocket Cherrystones presents a minimal psych groove that calls to mind early Achim Reichel. Side D opens with Rocket's fave Italian band, The Lay Llamas -- their track is a looping, spacey, Afro, kraut groove that sounds very unique but strangely familiar. Following that is Goat, who have recorded a short studio jam, which adds a hint of Cologne to their Swedish voodoo psych. Finally we have Anthroprophh, which is the new band featuring Paul Allen from The Heads, backed up with fellow Bristolians Big Naturals. Together they create a full-on repetitive, psych-noise monster that climaxes in a wall of heavy fuzz. The perfect way to end this heady compilation.