These Furious Flames! Redskins Live! (1985/86)

LMS 5521922 LMS 5521922

LP version. In the mid '80s, in the midst and direct aftermath of the era defining Miner's Strike, The Redskins, as political activists, delivered their electrifying and radical Socialist Workers Party missives and broadsides through the ministry of their music -- a unique post-punk rock/soul hybrid that gained their lead singer, Chris Dean, the sobriquet "Tamla Motormouth." The Redskins were taking a stand for the working man and by standing up, they stood out -- and never so forcefully as in the live arena! With their stellar musicianship and crack brass section honed through a never-ending whorl of "fighting fund" benefit gigs, they were the furious flames that kept the anti-Thatcher fires of dissent burning throughout those challenging years marked by her seeming unassailability. These Furious Flames! is a 25-track documentation of the energy, commitment and drive of the Redskins as that campaigning live act. Issued in 2CD capacity wallet, double vinyl and digital editions, each format couples together a recording of the full set of the finale concert of their 1985 "Kick Over Apartheid!" tour -- including guest appearances from Jerry Dammers and Billy Bragg - with the BBC broadcast tracks from their 1986 concert at the Town And Country Club. The double CD edition comes with a 40-page booklet that compiles new and period quotes by band members Martin Hewes, Chris Dean, Paul Hookham, and Kevin Robertson as well as thoughts by an array of associates and celebrity fans including poet Atilla The Stockbroker, Billy Bragg, Colin Revolting, their studio album producers Pat Foley & Chris Silagyi and DJ Gary Crowley. The booklet also contains gig reviews, photographs and a condensed digest of media quotes about the band. The double vinyl LP format has printed inner bags replete with evocative archive photographs and a written introduction by Redskins founding member Martin Hewes, with whose co-operation and input this celebratory release has been curated.