The New High

MA 081LP MA 081LP

LP version. Brent Cash is back with The New High. After a five-year-long hiatus, the multi-instrumentalist from Athens, Georgia returns with his third and probably best album yet. Continuing the tradition of his previous, widely celebrated albums How Will I Know If I'm Awake (MA 071CD/LP, 2008) and How Strange It Seems (MA 076CD/LP, 2011), he once again enters melody wonderland - evoking classic pop songwriting from the '60s and '70s - chock-full of sophisticated arrangements, richly textured vocal harmonies and extravagant key changes. It's proof that pop music is alive and well in 2017. Brent decided to record the album Todd Rundgren-style this time. Each and every instrument is played by the man himself - except for the string section. It adds an earthy edge to his sunshine pop brilliance. The album starts with title track "The New High", a song that builds and builds until you finally reach, well, the new high. "Out For Blood" recalls The Beach Boys's Wild Honey (1967) period - classy, soulful techni-color vocal harmonies layered upon a great rhythm track. The quirky "The Wrong Thing" captures the playful pop majesty of Gilbert O'Sullivan. It even features a crazy fiddle. "Every Inflection" is pure pop heaven - sounding like a lost late '60s AM radio hit - with a super-cool Wurlitzer solo. "Dim Light" is full of wicked twists and turns - even featuring a Beatles-like Mellotron. It takes you on a musical trip in many different sections and evolves like a mini-movie. "The Way You Were" - a song about a love gone wrong - is a special highlight, wearing its Lennon/McCartney influences on its sleeve. "I'm Looking Up" - driven by a cool Carole King-like piano part - is a hit song in the waiting. Check out the beautiful sun-soaked string section! "The Dusk Song" is another special treat on the album. The hypnotic piano riff just grabs you - and takes you deep into Van Dyke Parks territory. The slowly rolling, mournful "Fade/Return" - accompanied by cascading ocean sounds - is a cinematic widescreen beauty with a bewitching orchestra part. The album ends with the acoustic guitar coda "Perfection Comes Near". Well, it certainly does on this album. Get high with The New High. It's the perfect soundtrack to cruise into golden sunsets along the California coast line.