Funk Mundial


Since its inception in November 2006, the Man Recordings vinyl 12" series Funk Mundial has pushed the boundaries of what is called "Brazilian music." For the series, Man Recordings boss Daniel Haaksman commissioned some of the world's hottest producers in electronic dance music to collaborate with various hand-picked baile funk MCs from Rio. Artists like Crookers, Feadz, Jesse Rose, Count+Sinden, Seiji, Riva Starr and Stereotyp created a new musical hybrid: Funk Mundial, the international interpretation of Rio De Janeiro's 21st century party music. The compilation presents the world debut of the global view on the Brazilian music phenomenon called baile funk -- in Brazil simply named "funk." The tracks on the compilation stem from producers that live in cities like Paris (Feadz), Milan (Crookers), London (Count+Sinden, Seiji, Riva Starr), Berlin (Jesse Rose, Oliver $, Daniel Haaksman), Vienna (Stereotyp, Makossa Megablast), Chicago (DJ C) and Buenos Aires (Chancha Via Circuito, Frikstailers). Thus, on their Funk Mundial contributions, they added their particular local club music flavor to their exclusive productions. You can find a speed garage banger that fuses London's hi-speed and heavy bass club sound with a baile funk MC contribution by MC Thiaguinho. The Funk Mundial compilation features the West London broken beat of producer legend Seiji, teaming up with one of the most experienced MCs in the Rio baile funk biz, MC Dolores. There's the Parisian producer Feadz, who worked on his Funk Mundial track with 8 year-old MC Wesley, a child MC from Rio, and added his high-quality beat and analog synth skills, mashing up classical European music with heavy Miami beats. The compilation features the club anthem "Soca Ali Baba" featuring MC Dandão by Italy's Crookers, who recently rose to world fame with their remix of Kid Cudi's "Day+Night." Another outstanding track is house music's leading DJ and producer, the Berlin-based Jesse Rose and his co-op with Deize Tigrona, the queen of baile funk. Plus there are many more collaborations and three exclusive tracks. Get ready for the global remix of Rio baile funk. Funk Mundial -- 16 amazing, fresh tracks that make any party rumble. Other artists include: MC Leka, MC Jennifer, Edu K + Joyce Muniz, Rob B, Duda Siri, DJ Panko, Gaiola Das Popozudas, MC Pretinho, MC Maiquinho, and MC Jorge Stylo.