Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s Vol. 2


Mayway Records' treasure trove filled with Belgian gold nuggets is far from empty. Volume 2 comes just six months after the initial launch of the label's compilation series (MAYWAY 002CD/LP, 2017). Part one of Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s was a smash hit. The label chalked up rave reviews both at home and abroad, and even famous Dutch writer Nico Dijkshoorn sung praises for the album in a column. Of course, all the accolades were just another impetus to outdo ourselves with Volume 2. Whereas Volume 1 was a blend of many different genres -- from heavy guitars across Brit and synth pop to hard electro beat, mellow soul, and cabaret -- the second installment will have the feel of a genuine album, albeit without abandoning the treasure hunt vibe that characterizes the series. Several big names were gracious enough to contribute to this sophomore release such as Dead Man Ray, Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms, Vive La Fête, and Lunascape (with ex-Hooverphonic singer Kyoko Baertsoen). Simi Nah, Paper Fox, and the Walloons Of Piano Club -- with Melanie De Biasio's twin sister Catherine on the mic -- serve up sublime electro pop, whereas Barbie Bangkok, De Bossen, Black Shark, Basics, and Party At Vanzetti's (the band of Bart Vanneste, aka Freddy Devadder) cater to guitar and edgy (garage) rock enthusiasts. Also included are squeaky clean pop songs by Sugar Kane and Red Elmo, pining indie pop gems by The Germans and Confuse The Cat, laid back, night-clubby jazz pop by Stuffed Babies On Wheels, and a majestic "Air-meets-Moby" instrumental by Delavega. The only Dutch-speaking song on the record is the exquisite avant-garde track "Ten Dans" by De Legende, a project by Elvis Peeters (ex-Arome Di Amore), who has meanwhile made a name for himself as a writer. And finally the fantastic cult single "Constant (Raving)" by the mysterious Sue Daniels, is the kind of song that perfectly captures the essence and the raison d'être of Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s. Like Volume 1, this second installment of the series boasts a unique design and detailed liner notes. Once again the label were lucky enough to snare a renowned photographer: Frieke Janssens. Also features Sunday Afternoon Soundsystem, Sue Daniels, and Stuffed Babies On Wheels. CD version comes in a three-panel digipak; Includes liner notes.