Move The Wave To Your Heart


Mule Musiq pool their strengths to release an exclusive mix CD by the Swedish heartbreaker Sebastian Mullaert, best known as one-half of the staggering duo Minilogue, called Move The Wave To Your Heart. In order to support all the needy people of Japan that suffered in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake on March 11, 2011, all earnings from the sale of this record will be donated to Japan's Red Cross Society earthquake fund. Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue mixed an 11-track strong charity journey towards the widely-ramified Mule Musiq opus, that travels heartfelt from lively African-influenced house right into the cold, dubby heart of a German techno club. His journey starts tribal with the kalimba percussion-driven house deepness of "Kalimba Dance," produced by Da Capo from South Africa, with the bass-heavy "Japan Japon" rhythm voyage of Mr. Raoul K, the man from the Ivory Coast that lives deep in the north of Germany. One of his brothers in spirit is Culoe De Song, who subsequently opens Minilogue's mix with his emotional house trip "Ambush" towards an atmosphere that slowly grows from a summer-like outdoor party mood into a sweaty, compact club feeling. The first real step into the midnight arena is "Capital City," a killer track by South Africa's Moodswing that perfectly migrates after six breathless minutes into "Shades Of Grey," a cool funk techno excursion by KAB & Mac. From that moment on, Minilogue digs deep in the shallows of the Mule Musiq catalog to find some of his solo and some of his Minilogue tracks like "Älva," "Jakata A," and "Hundraelva" beside arrangements like the touching "The Search And The Breaks." As any DJ with the right feeling for a complete musical trip, Sebastian Mulleart fades out his mix with his airy 12-minute remix of "Ocean Wave," originally produced by Kuniyuki Takahashi aka Koss. A long goodbye that tickles your fancy of more spheric tracks which oscillate between techno and house while taking the term deepness seriously. A stirring mix straight from the heart made for a good cause.