Minimize to Maximize


Brilliant comp of exclusive tracks from Richie Hawtin's label. Features: Plastikman, Magor, Niederflur, Dinky Dog, Marc Houle, False, Hearthrob, I.A. Bericocher, Run Stop Restore, Slacknoise, Matthew Jonson. "The concept behind Minimize to Maximize, the first Minus compilation to date, was to join together new and exclusive cutting edge music rather than just collect up the past. For these producers (and many of us listeners) in the Minus family, electronic music is not simply background music to a lifestyle but has become a part of our lives. Ups and downs, changes and reflections, the music and the times Minimize to Maximize. In 1998, Richie Hawtin set out to venture even further into the outer limits of new music and its experiences by starting Minus. Over the past six years, Minus artists have grown into a group of friends (some old, some new) from across Canada, the US, Germany, Spain, the UK and more. Building on the expansive sound and energy of Minus during 2004, Minimize to Maximize assembles an international variety of people, moods and tempos, all searching for the next wavelength in new music. M2M combines new producers on the scene weaved in with some mavericks and rising personalities like Matthew Dear and Mathew Jonson. Hawtin's 'Circles' takes his Plastikman space even deeper with pulsing beats and animated panning that lives up to its title. This sonic weirdness is equally met by the out-there techno frenzy of the unidentified Dinky Dog on 'UnEasy Horizons'. Another track to mess with your equilibrium while keeping you grounded, it twists and tweaks that deep sound to the extremes. From Detroit to Brooklyn, Windsor to Berlin, or Cologne to Madrid, the geographical scope of M2M is an inside glimpse at the time zones versus the tones. Bass professors Niederflur (Cologne) bring back their soundtrack to the U-Bahn while their Madrid-based compatriot Nacho Bericochea conjures up a precise wave of minimal flanges with 'Uno'. Matthew Dear and Marc Houle are trying to tune-up the Detroit/Windsor border with their adventurous and inventive export of minimal techno funk. Dear was named XLR8R Magazine's 'Artist of the Year' (no easy feat) while Houle has been hitting it hard with recent solo live shows showcasing his new release 'Restore'."