Darmstadt Aural Documents Box 1

NEOS 11060CD NEOS 11060CD

Subtitled: Composers - Conductors: Composers conducting their own works. "We do not ordinarily associate the terms 'cultural heritage' or 'cultural legacy' with works, objects and materials of recent vintage, but rather with things unearthed from bygone ages. However, a closer look at the archive of the Darmstadt International Institute of Music (Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, IMD), the organiser of the International Summer Courses for New Music held in Darmstadt since 1946, reveals that these terms are perfectly apt. The IMD's archive preserves the history of one of the central institutions of post-war music, making it both a German and an international cultural legacy. The boxed set of CDs Composers -- Conductors, which opens the Darmstadt Aural Documents series, presents a counterpoint of voices, artistic and practical, from the history of the International Summer Courses for New Music. These courses, launched in Darmstadt in 1946, have proved to be an ongoing 'Bauhaus' for contemporary music -- a house of many workshops that has uniquely promoted the potential and needs of New Music and new ways of thinking about music. Here the suspension of the customary division of labour has been and remains (at least temporarily) of great importance."
Contents: Earle Brown (1926 - 2002): Available Forms No 1; Gerhard Müller-Hornbach (B. 1951): Innere Spuren; René Leibowitz (1913 - 1972): Chamber Symphonie For 12 Instruments, Op. 16; Johannes Kalitzke (B. 1959): Cruxification No 2; Mauricio Kagel (1931 - 2008): Orchestrion-Straat; 1898; Sonant; Wolfgang Fortner (1907 - 1987): Mitte Des Lebens; Beat Furrer (B. 1954): À Un Moment De Terre Perdu; Ernst Krenek (1900 - 1991): Cantata For Wartime, Op. 95; Michael Finnissy (B. 1946): Piano Concerto No 3; Bruno Maderna (1920 - 1973): Concerto For Piano And Orchestra; Concertos For Oboe No 1 & 2; Dimensioni No 4; Robert Hp Platz (B. 1951): From Fear Of Thunder, Dreams...; Carmen Maria Cârneci (B. 1957): The Mado Songs; Manfred Trojahn (B. 1949): Chamber Concerto; Ernstalbrecht Stiebler (B. 1934): Continuo; András Mihály (1917 - 1993): 3 Pieces For Chamber Ensemble; Herbert Brün (1918 - 2000): Sonoriferous Loops, Op. 32; Pierre Boulez (1918 - 2000): Doubles; Henri Pousseur (1929 - 2009): Répons For 7 Miusicians; Hans Otte (1926 - 2007): Tasso-Concetti; Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928 - 2007): Kreuzspiel Part 3.