Donaueschinger Musiktage 2007: War Zones

NEOS 40808CD NEOS 40808CD

Featured works: "Ripples From The Bang" (2007) composed by Elliott Sharp. "Paranoia" (2007) composed by Bernhard Lang. Performed by: LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, text & vocals; mixmastertodd, electronics & vocals; Philip Jeck, turntables; Hans Koch, reeds; Bernhard Lang, keyboard/electronics; Elliott Sharp, 8-string guitarbass/electronics; Fredy Studer, drums/percussion. Bernhard Lang on "Paranoia": "'Paranoia' is a sequence of eight semi-improvised blocks that were extracted from the sketches to Act III of the music theatre work Der Alte Vom Berge and developed further. Three text groups are used: 'Justifications,' a cut-up from Internet researches on paranoia as a political function; 'The CIA Protocols Of Political Assassination,' a collection of various strategies for political murders. The contents page of the American magazine Paranoia. The improvisations are based on scratched loops and 'damage beats', which make reference to the turntable art of Phil Jeck and the films of Martin Arnold as well as to my series of compositions Differenz/Wiederholung. Both parts lie above the loop scenario as contrapuntal rap poetry. The work was inspired by the book Conspiracy Nation: The Politics Of Paranoia In Postwar America (ed. Peter Knight): paranoia as a new feeling in our lives, paranoia as a political instrument." Elliott Sharp on "Ripples From The Bang": "'Ripples From The Bang' is a set of reflections on causality. The perception we each have of a chain of events remains extremely personal and varies greatly, sometimes being dependent on factors beyond our individual vision. These events may be a personal journey, a state of war, or a cataclysm of cosmic scale. The score that allows the musicians to surf the sonic fall-out produced by the big bang includes through composed parts, algorithmic strategies, graphic performance directions, pre-prepared electronic sound files, and improvisations." Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.