The Art of Remix


Over the last three decades, the remix has become a central form in the world of electronic music. At first it was a simple way to release a disco version of a popular song, but it has since developed, in some areas, into an opportunity for highly sophisticated re-imaginings (even re-compositions) of electronic tracks, becoming an art form in its own right. Since the Nonclassical label's inaugural release in 2004, the remix has been an essential element of its catalog. Ranging from edgy hip-hop to sublime ambience, this album brings together a selection of the most creative remixes released on the Nonclassical label since its inception, all of which are based on contemporary classical recordings, twisted, cut-up, and reworked into a range of remarkable, genre-defying pieces of music. The Nonclassical "house rule" for remixers: "All the sounds used in every remix must be created exclusively from the master recordings of the original -- no imported beats or samples." Imposing this strict policy on the remixers forces them to adopt a resourceful yet open-minded approach. The result is a series of Nonclassical remixes that, though highly diverse, share an organic and natural sound -- a testament to both the talent of the remixers and the sophistication of modern sound-processing technology. This constant invention and innovation from album to album and DJ-set to DJ-set will ensure that The Art of Remix continues to break new ground while simultaneously maintaining Nonclassical's pioneering spirit. Includes remixes by Thom Yorke of John Matthias & Nick Ryan, Hot Chip of The Elysian Quartet, Murcof of Powerplant, Medasyn of Consortium5 and Gabriel Prokofiev + Peter Gregson, Tim Exile of Prokofiev + Gregson, Samoyed of Consortium5, Heavy Deviance of Mercury Quartet, Gabriel Prokofiev of The Elysian Quartet and The House of Bedlam, Cerebral Productions of Heritage Orchestra feat. DJ Yoda, Marcas Lancaster of Matthias & Ryan, ThimK of Prokofiev + Gregson, Ed Laliq of The Elysian Quartet, Tivannagh L'Abbé of Heritage Orchestra feat. DJ Yoda, Vex'd of The Elysian Quartet, Germ of GéNIA & John Richards, and Max De Wardener of GéNIA & John Richards.