HEAVYbreathing Vol. 3, The Sounds of Sex: Stop It!


Subtitled: Sampled Lust, Electronic Orgasms, Digital Porn. Ladies & gentlemen, we present to you Volume 3 of the breathless 4-volume series of passionate groaning, noisy hyperventilation and orgiastic screaming. Compilations of erotic songs with sexy album covers are nothing new -- but HEAVYbreathing is something else! There's never been a sampler like this wide-ranging cross-genre collection of songs old and new that really center on the sounds of sexual arousal and ecstasy as a musical element. The story of heavy breathing in pop music didn't begin in 1969 with "Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus," Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg's song that caused one of the biggest ever music scandals. This coitus musicalus met with a wave of official outrage and radio play bans worldwide, and as such was a worldwide mega-hit. Looking back, there have been lots of other songs that dared to combine brazen eroticism and pop. There might not be a collective name for hot and steamy songs from every genre, but there are some collectors. Like IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider from Munich, who over the last seven years, and with plenty of support from helpers at home and abroad, has built up a wide-ranging collection of ecstatic songs which now runs to more than sixty hours of music. Between the many hits and flops and hidden treasures he's unearthed, there are tracks that are absolutely incredible, weird and obscurely bizarre. Whether it's blues, techno, house, disco, soul, easy listening, downbeat, new wave, rhythm & blues, reggae, electronica, italo-house, exotica, rockabilly, funk, hip-hop, jazz, or prog-rock, the list goes on and on -- because lust has no musical blinkers and will engage with any genre. For copyright reasons this compilation has had to omit the occasional heavy-breathing classic. But, covering a huge period (from 1951 to 2006), this gold-digging expedition in the world of pop has more than made up for the absence of a Gainsbourg & Birkin, Donna Summer, Lil' Louis or Prince by sifting out many an exclusive nugget of horny-phonics. Artists on volume 3 include: James White & the Blacks, Chris & Cosey, Schaeben & Voss, Le Peuple de L'herbe, Luigee Trademarq, Kevin Blechdom (feat. Mocky), Sven Väth (feat. Miss Kittin), Khan, Dreamsequence (feat. Blake Baxter), Love T.K.O., Hyper Crad, Los Chicharrons, Stereo MCs, Twink, Sex Acts And Orgies and Tagaq.