Ayobaness! The Sound Of South African House

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Ayobaness! The Sound of South African House is an introduction to the vibrant urban club culture that rules the dancefloors from Johannesburg to Durban, giving you the full experience of South Africa's house craze. "Ayoba" is a catch phrase born in the townships of Johannesburg which is used to express excitement. Right now South Africa is excited: in June and July millions of football fans worldwide will be turning their eyes on the rainbow nation for the 2010 World Cup. This could also be the time for probably the most crazy house culture in the world to shine. Recent years have seen a growing interest in local music styles from around the world such as favela funk, cumbia or kuduro. DJ Mujava from Pretoria came up with one of the major global club anthems called "Township Funk," and the DJ and producer is a part of a huge rebirth of black culture that has been taking part in South Africa since the end of apartheid. When apartheid finally came to an end in 1994, the South African township youths had created their own club music called kwaito. At the beginning, kwaito was not much more than slowed-down house beats over which raps in Zulu, Xhosa and broken township English were laid. The heartbeat of urban SA music has always been house. From copying international house beats and mixing them with Shangan, Zulu or Xhosa township raps with early kwaito, it has now gone full circle. The compilation starts off with Durban heavyweight L'Vovo Derrango, who shows that kwaito is still alive and kicking. The title track "Ayobaness" comes from South African President of Youth Culture, Pastor Mbhobho, a crazy priest sporting a huge Afro, next comes DJ Cleo, who has shaped the South African urban music scene like nobody else, soon followed by Afro house vocal crew Shana. DJ Clock and Big Nuz, Tzozo & Sox give a taste of the Durban house breeze with their hit single, and straight from the townships of Jo'burg is Mgo. His track was mixed by Hamburg-based production team Bongo Disco. Other hidden gems include "Mexican Girl" by Aero Manyelo, a heavy bass track from Midrand Johannesburg, or DJ Steavy from Nelspruit whose offering is a mix of ghetto and disco sounds. Each artist here is a superstar in their community, and you're about to hear why. Includes a detailed 20-page booklet featuring info on each artist. Other artists include: Bleksem, DJ Sumthyn, Ntsiki Mazwai, Survivor, DJ Bongz, Mampinsha, DJ Fresca & Kudoskelem and Lelethu.