The Post Romantic Empire Album
2LP +7"


Imagine gathering the dream-team of your most cherished musicians to re-record your favorite songs: Peter Hook, David Tibet, Annabella Lwin and Dave Barbarossa, Andrew Liles, Massimo Pupillo and many others, getting them together to record a novel, psychedelic, ultimate version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart"; or Roger O'Donnell of The Cure and Julia Kent performing their personal interpretation of the Shéhérazade story. This is The Post Romantic Empire Album: a dream embedded in a record. This album contains the story of an idea told by voices far apart: four composers (Roger O'Donnell, Baby Dee, Matt Howden, and Maja Elliott) were invited to re-write songs selected as potential archetypes of contemporary music. Each of them invited other musicians, and all the materials produced for each track has been harmonized and tuned, each by a producer (Roger O'Donnell, Andrew W.K., Andrew Liles and Matteo Spinazzè). PRE has been an organization for festivals and a concept label active between 2003 and 2012, whose aim is to explore the influence of Romanticism on music vanguards. By studying the cultural revolution that saved the soul of the Western world, by searching its footprints in the subcultures surrounding us, PRE has been able to propose a synthetic and open definition of Romanticism: here and now everything is romantic, even what pretends not to be so. This is a polyphonic document composed by a double LP and one EP, revealing the common matrix binding Nikolaj Rimsky Korsakov to Joy Division -- because what remains after almost 10 years of activities are mostly the connections among artists coming from different music scenarios. Making The Post Romantic Empire Album real entailed becoming a meeting point, a shared liminal space, for 26 artists (and a children's choir) spread all over the world, each with his own, different, specific rhythm and working method. Featuring Roger O'Donnell (The Cure), Julia Kent (Antony And The Johnsons), Maja Elliot (ex-Current 93), Gitane Demone (ex-Christian Death), John Contreras (ex-Current 93), Pueri Cantores Regina Nivis choir, Matt Howden (Sieben), Peter Hook (Joy Division and New Order), Nat Wason (New Order, The Light), David Tibet (Current 93), Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow), Dave Barbarossa (ex-Bow Wow Wow), Vin Cassidy and Larry Cassidy (Section 25), Massimo Pupillo (ZU), Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound), Baby Dee (Current 93), Little Annie Bandez (ex-Crass), Matt Sweeney, Matthew Robinson, Skip Shirley, Sarah Alden, Robbie Lee, Sarah Nowicki, and Andrew W.K. The double LP (33 rpm) is printed on black vinyl with an embossed cover, printed inner sleeves and two inserts. The 7" (45 rpm) is printed on white vinyl with an embossed hand-made cover and two inserts. This first and only release of The Post Romantic Empire Album is limited to 1,000 copies.