Escaping to a wooden cabin in the Spanish countryside village, Cercedilla, which also shares the name of the opening album track, Greg and Voitek of Catz 'N Dogz came together to create an album that re-wrote their history book. Known for their diverse style and ability to craft varying pace and rhythm, the duo sought out consistency with their Friendship album to make an album in the truest sense; a long player to be listened to as one body of work. Vocalist and guitarist James Yuill on the Spanish inspired "There", fellow polish native Rosalie. on "Mind" and deep vocals of ZENSOFLY and Maxville on the funky "Wave". Traveling into new territories of cross-genre and lingual collaboration, leading Polish rapper, Taco Hemingway lays down lyrics in English on "Yi Fang". Along with longtime friend Kiddy Smile and fellow creative mind Rouge Mary, teaming up on '90s house-inspired love song "One Plus You". Appearances also come from WhoMadeWho on the cool and breezy "Never Go Down", before later delving deeper into the ethereal voice of Jono McCleery in "Would You Believe" and the eerie folk-esque vocals Eglė Sirvydytė on second-last track "Water". Sharing the same name as their countryside escape, introductory interlude "Cercedilla", eases the listener in with warm notes and raw samples of running water taken from the cottage that became their home. "New Love" celebrates new possibilities and challenges that come throughout life; narrated with rumbling break-beat and euphoric synth lines. Big kicks and funky melodies in "This Feels Real", build anticipation for what is set to follow in the acidic elements of "Questions"; denoting the rollercoaster of emotion one can experience throughout the relationships we make. Hugging the listener with emotional piano chords, "Moments Turn To Hours" encourages the idea of being at peace with oneself, acknowledging the long and hard times and allowing them to pass on by. Looking back to the Berlin days of Catz 'n Dogz, "Last Song For Berlin" summarizes the decade they spent there. Celebrating the people and friendships they made and channeling the soulful side to a city so lauded for its darkness in the techno scene. Picking up with "Hedonic Treadmill" drum and bass elements, layered with emotive keys and uplifting soulful samples, see out the album with a sense of euphoria and hope for the future.