Cabinet Classics 1994-1998 & Cabinet Unreleased Classics


...1994-2005. Broadcasting timeless, route one techno from the heart of Berlin since 1996, Cabinet records has come to epitomize the rough underground sound of a city like few others. Now, with this excellent compilation package, Plus 8 has seen fit to set this essential contribution to electronic dance music in stone, in three different formats. Back in the days, the Plus 8-affiliated IntelliNET Distribution pressed and distributed the very first Cabinet releases to the world. Ten years later, Richie Hawtin's relentless search for the perfect beat still leads him back to the rare Cabinet archive for inspiration, quality and pure expression of the form. When you listen to this distinctive, stripped-down sound, forged by label founder Daniel Paul, DJ Zky and DJ Trike among others, it's clear to see why. Not only do their productions contain explosive energy and a generous helping of phuture funk, but there's also a spontaneous, live vibe captured here. The tracks evolve effortlessly, with each new idea reaching its logical conclusion through a mesh of 909 beats, warm analog bass lines and feverish hi-hat patterns -- a knack that's all too conspicuous by its absence nowadays. The package appears either as a double CD or two 12" double pack formats (offered in the "Vinyl Versions" section of this catalog), the first focusing on the early years with classics from Compass and Cab Drivers, like the acid-tinged "Gliding" and the infectious shuffle and bass groove of "Elwico." The second contains a selection of unreleased gems like Horseshoe's freakin' 303-inspired "Bassfunk" and the tribal drift of Cab Drivers' "Selbstauslöser." The second vinyl release and double CD delves further into the Cabinet back catalog, creating an irresistible 21-track salute to Berlin techno -- simply speaking, it's a must for the purist. To the uninitiated, it's the chance to finally pin down some of those anonymous moments that so often wash over the dancefloor, familiar yet always out of reach -- when the warmth of the human spirit melts the cold shell of technology and momentarily makes perfect sense of everything past, present and future. Also includes ONS Project, Todd Bodine and Karo Zwo.