Rocker's Delight: The Rock Sound Of Darkest Paris 1990-96

QS 141CD QS 141CD

"Before the French touch, a darker and harder sound ruled over underground Paris... featuring Arielle, The Micronauts, Patrick Vidal, Mirwais, Discotique, Daft Punk, Sutra, Dr Love & Nature, Tom Bouthier, Costes, and Les Claques 2 Velours. Do you really think there was nothing before the 'French Touch'? France has always been packed with musicians who opened up new ways. Some bands have actually developed a cult following, whether it is Marie Et Les Garçons, for whom Patrick Vidal was playing, or Taxi Girl composed of Mirwais Ahmadzai and Daniel Darc. These bands blended the energy and revolt of punk with either electronic instrumentation or dance floor grooves. But we have not heard the last from these pioneers of the electronic French sound. Rocker's Delight is the testimony of an effervescent era that laid the foundations, through various hybrid projects, of a new musical idiom and an unabashed attitude, giving way to the emergence of a new musical approach that literally took the whole world by storm. Rocker's Delight: The Rock Sound Of Darkest Paris is the result of a crossing of the swords between Electronica and Rock, Funk, old school Hip Hop, House, etc. Far from being a patchwork of dissonant tunes, this album gives a glimpse of a more sombre Paris, more decadent, and in an unconventional need for grooves. 'Rocker's Delight' is a reference to the Sugarhill Gang and their hit 'Rapper's Delight', the first rap music hit. 'The Rock Sound Of Darkest Paris' is a reference to Joey Negro's compilation on Republic, tracing back the history of garage rock (The Garage Sound Of Deepest New York)." Artists include : Discotique, Sutra, Les Claques 2 Velours, Dr. Love & Nature, The Eurostars with Tom Bouthier, Patrick Vidal, Costes, The Micronauts (Daft Punk Remix), Arielle Par Nature.