RCD 2007CD RCD 2007CD

2014 repress of the explosive, mind-battering second album by Norwegian group -- we first listed this 699 weeks ago! "This quartet has quickly developed into being the most exciting group in what many will call the new wave of young Norwegian jazz. Still in their twenties, they have all been involved in numerous groups and projects, ranging from Terje Rypdal Skywards (Ståle Storløkken) to rock group Motorpsycho (Helge Sten). Arve Henriksen and Jarle Vespestad are considered two of the most personal instrumentalists in Norway, the former receiving due attention for his playing on Christian Wallumrød Trios No Birch, released on ECM. Helge Sten (aka Deathprod) is an in demand producer, and recently grabbed a lot of attention for his reworking of Arne Nordheims electronic music. With total improvisation in a 'traditional' band format they stress the importance of realtime interaction, playing together and against each other. Although they can sound very electronic, there´s not a computer or drumloop in sight and they will frequently slip into stretches that are much closer to something like Autechre than what is normally considered as 'jazz'. On 4 they appear more focused and to the point than on their 3 hour debut set and deliver an absolutely stunning album of improvised 'jazz', electronica, power and lyrical beauty." The group consists of: Helge Sten: Audio virus, Ståle Storløkken: synthesizers, Arve Henriksen: trumpet, electronics, Jarle Vespestad: drums. "While their sound has the added depth of modern recording techniques and digitized, one touch electronica, their improvisations have the ramshackle DIY qualities found in early live electronics projects by pioneers such as Gordon Mumma, Robert Ashley and Musica Elettronica Viva." -- The Wire.