Odd disturbances are about. Yes, definitely odd. Deep, carnal rumblings akin to the kind one only feels in times of great danger, or great reverence. The kind of hyper-intense inter-environmental buzzing that drives men to kill for no reason they can feverishly describe at a later period when the buzzing finally ceases, and their sanity returns with the cold, wet realization of the deeds they committed with their own god-given hands. Perhaps came into existence at the hands of Jim Haney at the Berklee College of Music in 2012. V is their fifth release, the previous four being self-released gaining infamy amongst listeners, and notably collaborating with Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple), Cotton Casino (Acid Mothers Temple), Tabata Mitsuru (Acid Mothers Temple), Kenneth Topham (Giraffes Giraffes), Bryan Murphy (Man Man), Devin McKnight (Grass Is Green, Speedy Ortiz), Ben Talmi (Art Decade), Damo Suzuki (Can), etc. As Perhaps's discography grew, stories of the group's incredibly unorthodox and experimental methods of composition and recording began to emerge. With V, it appears as if their approach to recording and composition has changed very little by means of mystical influence and general mischief. The months in which the recording of V took place was certainly interesting; rumors began to emerge of the band's presence in the Himalayan mountains, presumably for the gargantuan natural acoustics Haney has notably mentioned as a key to Perhaps's recording process. While it is not entirely certain whether or not the group remained in the Himalayas for the entire length of the V recording endeavor, a certain cult-like attraction to seek their whereabouts became favorable amongst some diehards. The few who seemed to succeed on the trip returned with contrasting results. Those who were lucky returned in a perplexing state of enlightenment, divulging stories of mountains speaking great cosmic secrets, while others returned temporarily blind, or not at all. However, now that the album is finished, there is little left to do but go along for the ride, and while complacency seems the easiest way to approach the unapproachable, the daunting question still stands: How far did they go this time? One definite thing is for certain: V is done, and it's a doozy. No use for cardio or keto in preparation for this one, just light some incense, pour a Chivas, and buckle up. Or don't, it won't matter. Obi strip; 350gsm reverse board sleeve; Edition of 300.