"The consequences of tampering with the fabric of reality are, and always have been, direct and brutal. An unrelenting quake of disruption amongst what we think, perceive, and accordingly act upon is an inevitable result, and thus leaves disaster in ways hard to conceive, much less prepare against. When these quakes initially began, the only logical cause was that Perhaps was again at the helm; though disruptive experimentation has always been a common practice of the band, it has become increasingly obvious things may have again gotten out of hand. Suspicions of a new album were presented by means of cryptic letters, and confirmed by reports of large quantities of beached whales and colossal squid washing up on various shores, as well as a disruption in the migratory pattern of elk nationwide. Following an interview with a local shaman, it appeared that Perhaps had stationed themselves somewhere in the great red canyons of Utah, apparently in attempt to create some sort of audio re-creation of cellular respiration. The band's success in doing so is hardly put to question, as all members have been front runners in the experimental recreation of natural principles through musical methods, and rarely come out empty-handed. Hexagon was crafted through similar unorthodox principles, leading scholars and music experts in various colleges to hypothesize that Hexagon exists within a shared linear relationship with the band' s previous album V (REPOSE 059LP, 2017). It has been confirmed core members and frequent contributors have returned with the making of Hexagon: (Jim Haney, Sean McDermott, David Khoshtinat, Ricky Petraglia, Ben Talmi, Tom Weeks) as well as appearances from collaborators Makoto Kawabata and Tabata Mitsuru (Acid Mothers Temple). Following cryptic letters sent to our office and eerie reports, several hikers in the Utah area reported hallucinations, as well as locals witnessing a massive blood red moon taking place the same evening. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Hexagon was complete; many who were religious were granted time to seek refuge in their respective places of worship. For the listener, no pass is needed. And while what lies ahead may seem gargantuan, it is best to open one's mind and allow all that is necessary happen. Great spiritual wisdom is not attained without a daunting climb, and all Hexagon has to offer makes that climb worth the peril." --Samson Hailstone, Vancouver BC, 7/2/2018. Edition of 300, gloss-finished sleeve; includes download.