Leaving Everything To Be Desired

RM 4127CD RM 4127CD

Over the past decade, Richard Chartier's Pinkcourtesyphone has charted a cruelly lush passage through the extravagant interiors of psyche. A master of the melancholic, Pinkcourtesyphone's Leave Everything To Be Desired carves an effortlessly gorgeous chasm of sound that is profusely abundant with swelling melody, luxuriant texture and a perfume as dampening as one could possibly imagine. The follow-up to Pinkcourtesyphone's previous collection of negative mood music Indelicate Slices (RM 490CD) has arrived and it is even more of a sonic banquet than its predecessor. Leaving Everything To Be Desired is a sumptuous serenade revealing with candor the essence of the many careful adjectives used for situational descriptions. Pinkcourtesyphone swerves range out of another interior from sparkling dream-soft shimmers of strings, creamy arrangements, drifting drones, to dissected cha-chas. Sometimes charmingly flamboyant, sometimes darkly wistful, sometimes deadeningly soothing, sometimes abrasively tender, but always engaging and ultimately engulfing of us. This recording of temporal extravagances is meant to enhance with all the pillow-y richness of high fidelity to bring you every fascinating hue and shade of sound. Its soft-focus aesthetics lull the mind's ear into a state of woozy intoxication, comfortably unsteady underfoot. This could be the album you felt you have been entitled to, designed to be kept nearby. And so... recline... its night, late late night... without sleep the dreamtime has come and gone leaving us with perhaps an uncomfortable predictability suddenly we can no longer deny the shock of each moment.